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Mrs. A. Du Preez tells how she used essential oil inhalations to clear her stuffy sinuses.

“I have allergies to pollen, dust and mould spores, so I really suffer with sinus congestion in Spring and Summer. If I get a cold, I have keep my sinuses ‘open’ as they become very painful and uncomfortable if infection sets in. I use Lavender oil at night on my pillow and massage a drop or two over my sinus area, and find this really relieves some of the pain (plus it helps me sleep!).

I also use a combination of the three in steam inhalations. Each on its own works well, but they do seem to work extra well together. I also put some Eucalyptus on a tissue and inhale it throughout the day to keep my sinuses clear. This really helps to relieve pain and congestion, and prevents further sinus inflammation or infections.”

You could use any one of these oils on their own for sinusitis, or in combination (as indicated above). Lavender is a mild decongestant and relieves pain, Tea Tree is antiseptic, helping to fight infection if there is any and Eucalyptus is decongestant and antibacterial.

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Mrs Benita Linford wrote to us to tell us about the secret of her youthful complexion.

“I am a 72 year old lady and for many years have been using Burgess & Finch Jojoba Oil (cold pressed) on my face every morning as a skin rejuvenator, and am very pleased to tell you that I only have a few wrinkles. My husband, as a joke, often asks people how old they think I am and the reply always seems to be between 45 and 60 years, much to my delight! I have endured 3 open heart surgeries and used the oil on the scar. It soothed it, and helped the scar to heal very quickly!

Congratulations for a super product. Well done.”

Jojoba oil closely resembles the natural oil of the skin, & has the unique quality of being a liquid wax. It can be used neat, and is good for all skin types. The oil is non-greasy and very easily-absorbed.

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Mrs M.E.C. Meyer from Seaview wrote to us to tell us about her successful use of Burgess & Finch Lavender Essential Oil.

“We were on a sunset drive in the Kruger National Park when something stung my 7 year-old granddaughter’s finger. It was itching so badly, she had to bite the affected area for relief! I remembered the Lavender essential oil in my bag, which I carry around for inhaling when my sinuses get congested. I applied it, and after only a few minutes she could feel it working to soothe the pain and itch of the sting. By the end of the trip the bite had been forgotten, and we enjoyed the rest of our game drive!”

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Ms M. Du Toit raves about the blend of Burgess & Finch essential oils she uses for her two-year-old daughter’s bronchial chest.

“My daughter tends to get a bronchial chest and really struggles with congestion. Whenever she starts to cough, or has a runny nose, I rub this blend onto her chest, back and feet which eases her congestion and helps her sleep. I add 3 drops Benzoin, 2 drops Roman Chamomile and 2 drops Lavender to 50ml Sweet Almond Oil, mix it thoroughly, and massage it gently over her skin. I can see the difference in her within a day or two – her chest and the congestion are much better. Not only that, I enjoy the bonding time with my daughter, and she loves the foot massage part!”

Oil of Benzoin is comforting & healing. Its ability to stimulate & soothe simultaneously seems to get things moving in the body, and it has long been used for respiratory congestion.

Roman Chamomile is especially good for treating children, it is gentle, soothing and harmonising.

Lavender is an extremely popular & very versatile essential oil, often referred to as the “mothering oil

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Ms. T. Bartlett from Stellenbosch wrote to tell us how she used Rosemary Essential Oil while she was studying to improve her concentration and memory.

“I decided to go to university in my 40s and was quite nervous that I wouldn’t have the ability to concentrate and focus on my work when studying for exams; it’s been a long time since I was at school! A friend who had studied aromatherapy recommended I try burning Rosemary Essential Oil while studying, and even placing a few drops on my books’ pages. She also told me inhale it from a tissue at the start of the exam to help me focus. Sounded a bit odd to me, but, being desperate, I tried it anyway. Amazingly, it really helped! I found it easier to focus and, probably because I could concentrate better, my recall (memory) was better too. Sniffing the oil at the start of the exam seemed to “trigger” the part of my brain that I had stored the information in (sounds strange, but that’s what it felt like) – and I was able to focus and concentrate throughout the exams, which I passed with flying colours.”

Burgess & Finch Rosemary essential oil is a brain and central nervous system stimulant. Simply inhaling it seems to produce a feeling of mental acuity and improved focus. However, it should be avoided by epileptics, hypertension sufferers and during pregnancy.

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